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” You will be hearing from me soon!!”

This was the first Upper Receiver I purchased from you guys in the same 16” 223 Wylde. I affectionately named it Battle Worn / Mad Max!! It started out life as a FDE Upper and I did not like the way the Colors matched with the Lower Receiver (FDE Shades were all off!!). So I basically beat up all new receivers, a new Optic and a new Sreamlight Weapon Light! This is also mated to a an Aero Precision M4E1 Lower Receiver that is also loaded with all Geissele parts like the other rifle on the inside! This one is set up for pure CQB with it’s Vortex Strikefire II Red Dot. It shoots like a champ and I couldn’t be more pleased with the way this one came out. 
Thank you so much for putting together such a great product and to help me move along my builds a bit faster!! Next one coming up will be a one in either 300 AAC Blackout or a 6.5 Grendel. I haven’t quite made up my mind as of yet???

Anthony Z Purchased 223Wylde FDE UPR633 on June 19 2018 , 223Wylde Black UPR921 on May 29 2018 New York, NY July 8, 2018

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“For all my future AR builds, AR15TAC.com will be my first stop”

I own other AR-15 platforms but did not have an AR15 platform that I would be comfortable hunting with. I decided I wanted to build my own AR in .300 Black Out. I set out to find the best deal on a quality AR upper and started doing research. I must have spent a week doing research and going over reviews, forums and youtube.com. I just could not decide which brand or company I wanted to go with. After going through my local Armslist.com Classified I found AR15TAC.com. They had such a huge variety of AR uppers and the ability to customize your order with ease. After visiting this website and reviewing all of the options they offer, I just could not pass it up and ordered the upper I wanted. Showed my son what I ordered and he ordered 1 ten minutes later.

      Once I received the order I was amazed with the upper’s quality and finish. I inspected every nut, pin, and bolt on the entire receiver and could not find a flaw. Upper fit perfectly with my lower. I have now taken this AR to the range 5 times in the last two weeks and ran approx. 250 rounds of various ammo through it and have not had one issue. This upper provided the reliability and accuracy I had hoped for. For all my future AR builds, AR15TAC.com will be my first stop.


Zach Z and Zariahn Z Purchased 300 Blackout Anodized Upper and 300Blackout FDE Upper on May 22 2018 Sacramento, California June 19, 2018


“Customer service and quality of products from y’all is excellent”

I would absolutely give you guys the highest rating possible the customer service and quality of products from y’all is excellent

Adam G Purchased 6.5 Grendel Custom FDE 24" barrel Complete Upper Receiver on May 5 2018 Silbee, Texas June 9, 2018


“Love this one”

You guys make a really sweet upper. Love this one. Thanks. Tom

Tom C Purchased 6.5 Grendel Custom FDE Complete Upper Receiver 24" Barrel SKU UPR589 and Toolcraft SBN BCG on May6 2018 Wilmar,Michigan June 9, 2018


“Deal with confidence.. the uppers are top notch”

Searching endlessly through the web for the perfect upper to pair with my custom made lower seem to be a large task, until I stumbled upon AR15tac web site. After browsing through all the numerous options and cerakote custom colors I was immediately sold.  I found what I wanted and contact Greg who happen to be the best man to deal with. His excellent customer service and quick responses to my messages made me recommend him to my friends. I ended up purchasing two uppers and the photo shown are the two custom builds with both complete upper from AR15tac.  Ordering was simple and easy. The custom work took about two weeks but well worth the wait. Both were tested on the range and just worked flawlessly..
I cant wait to purchase my 3rd one.
Deal with confidence.. the uppers are top notch.

Ronald M Purchased 556 NATO Custom FDE Complete Upper Receiver SKU UPR651, 300Blackout Custom OD Green Bronze Complete Upper Receiver SKU UPR615, 223 Toolcraft NIB BCG on March 14 2018 Los Angeles, California June 9, 2018


“Holds a group as good as I can shoot it and seems to function just fine”

 The only reason I was hesitant at all was because I had never purchased an upper before and was not sure what I was looking for.

To be honest I liked the look of the paint scheme. Once you start looking at uppers they all pretty much look the same with varying differences what set yours apart was the paint scheme and that’s the biggest reason I purchased it.

Biggest negative was that I could not find a BCG on your website for the upper. (not sure if I was just not looking in the right place) and ended up having to take it somewhere and have a gunsmith run the go no go gauges through it to make sure it was a proper fit (which it was). Other than that it holds a group as good as I can shoot it and seems to function just fine. I do like that I did not have to purchase the charging handle that was an added bonus.

Damon P Purchased 300 Blackout FDE Bronze Custom Upper Receiver SKU UPR613 on December 11 2017 Clearwater, Florida June 8, 2018


“I love the look of it and got multiple complements”

I purchased a 556 upper In FDE color with chrome barrel and brake. I love the look of it and got multiple complements on it. And the price isn't bad. Shoots great as well

Kyle W Purchased 556 Nato FDE Complete Upper Receiver SKU UPR755 and Toolcraft Manganese Phospathe BCG on April 2 2018 North Province, Rode Island June 8, 2018


“I couldn’t be happier”

Shoots very accurate. Stainless barrel is on the heavy side. I couldn't be happier though





Gregory B Purchased 300 Blackout FDE Cerakoted Complete Upper SKU UPR620 on March 3 2018 Gilbert, Arizona June 8, 2018


” Looking forward to more business and passing the good word around… thanks and much appreciated Ben Smith”

Yes you can post my opinion...ill start off. I am  saying wow the upper is AMAZING badass lol and quality looks top notch. I will be out shooting this weekend...you guys let me know that it may take a few extra days then planned, and hooked me up for the wait,  sling, sling mount, forward grip, rails sections, and a Ambi charging handle for buying bolt and upper together.. and it was my birth day and u sent me a cantilever quick detach scope mount just badass... and always let me know what was going on... 5 stars all the way... looking forward to more business and passing the good word around... thanks and much appreciated. Ben


Ben S Purchased 300 Blackout Custom Noveske Bazooka Green Complete Upper Receiver SKU UPR675 and Toolcraft SBN BCG on May 20 2018 Pan Van, New York May 23, 2018

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